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Mizu no yume

....eien no yume


Mizu no Yume

Hi, my nickname on net is Mizu, but it was occupied, thats why I added "d" to the end
I'm a big fan of Arashi. At first it was only Ohno Satoshi. I love this guy, he is amazing with his singing, dancing and acting skills. Yep, and his funny personality o^_^o... But now, I'm a full Arashi fan, I love them all. Their TV shows, doramas, concerts, their songs, their personalities... They are such a great combi XD. They make me relax and feel good. Always o^_________^o

I'm a fan of Gacktjob too. I hope, that one day I can attend his concert and scream "NYA NYA!!!!!" together with them XD XD XD I love Gackt's musik. My favorite band member is You-san, cuz he is so cute on one side, but so cool on the other ( his violine skills are marvellous!)

I like songs from some other japanese musicians too, like Greeeen, Monoral, Miyavi, Hyde, News, Mika Nakashima, Kat-tun Yui or Ayami Hamasaki, etc. I'm a big book lover. My favorit writter is Terry Pratchet, but I like Neil Gaiman (Coraline)and J.R.R.Tolkien too.

For the kakkoiiii Ohmiya Layout I'm really thankfull to okimiyage, banner/header is made by me ^^ and for kawaii Ohmiya mood themes mynamelessname. The banner for profile layout is from me o^_____________^o

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